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Hand built from the heart
for people to gather
in good ways

From the benches and shelves to the clouds and light portal, this space was hand built with love and intention! Yes!, we built the benches, the eagle, the shelves, and put love into these Affirmation Mirrors and Affirmation Altars. I say we because while I am a solo artist, as a collaborative artist it takes multiple hearts and hands to work on pieces that are large in scale and dense in spirit.  Some of these works are five to six years old, some are brand new specifically made for this space.  

The intentions of the space is to welcome people, especially BIPOC and QTBIPOC folx, into the space and have them feel free, seen, nurtured, and held. A space where you can let go, relax, tap into your authenticity and be inspired. The artwork lays down the foundation for that to take place and the people bring in community healing and the collective ancestars.

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