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Affirmation Space is a temporary art installation that transforms a gallery into an art experience and creative space. There is beautiful Black art in the space that took me, that took us years to make, but without people using the space to gather in good ways it's just art on the walls…..amazing art….but just art.  The real art of Affirmation Space happens when people in the community use the space to ground, tap into self, share dreams and truths, collaborate, create, rest, or let go and just be themselves in the space. The real art is community created their own events in the space after experiencing the space and seeing the full potential for what is possible when a Black artist creates space and art with the intention to bring people closer together.  

Affirmation Space is my attempt as a solo and collaborative artist to share my body of work as a vision for what an art space could be. It is a space where I want people to feel inspired, held, affirmed, and free to use the space in multiple ways. Right now Affirmation Space is a tangible and evolving space that is held down by myself Bayou Bay and author/circle keeper Saba Shabazz (Sean Stewart). Affirmation Space is not a non-profit, is not an organization, or a permanent space as of yet. In its 2nd iteration it is installed in the Public Functionary Main Gallery on the 1st floor of the Northrup King Building through March 4th of 2023. We do not have daily open hours, but do have events and days we are open for public for private use. The dream for the space is to become a permanent space at some point in the future, but for now it is also a dream come true that people have gathered in the space and more  gatherings are to come. Check our events page and Instagram for information on upcoming events.

If you would like to host an event, workshop, circle, a few friends, a day of rest, a meal, or what have you in the space send an email to with your name, idea, desired dates/times, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Peace, and “Love Your Self Love”!

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