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16 Affirmations

a growing list of affirmations

that started from an original

16 affirmations 


love your self love

i can own and love the ways that love and give that love to myself 

i do love myself


i am a part of nature 

not apart from nature

that truth is in my  core


i can pause and take a breath

and check in with my body


i can pause and allow time for other options


i can be vulnerable, speak my truth, and ask for help or what i need, from myself and others


to yourself "i see you, i love you, one step at a time, you got this, i’m proud of you" 


i can move in nature, we can move in nature, whichever is needed to feel safe


my tears deserve to learn the valleys of my cheeks on their way to water my heart

my pain, rage, anger, and hate are also forces of nature and they can fuel my liberation, but they are not excuses to harm others that are not harming me... they are forces for my liberation and our collective liberation.  they can help be the foundations that i need to build the healthy boundaries that i need


the soles of my feet are safe to connect to the soul of the earth, feet flat against the soil


my shadow deserves time in my light,  my light can learn depth from my shadow


the full moon is a mirror reflecting the suns starlight, my heart is a mirror reflecting my spirits starlight… i can feel the starlight of my spirit


the full moon embraces the starlight love of the sun and shares that love with the gift of reflection. all of my being deserves to embrace and reflect my starlight. i can share my starlight when i feel safe 


the new moon is held by the time in the shadows, the full moon embraces the starlight of the sun, my heart deserves time to do the same


i can speak my truths

i can speak my truths to myself

i can speak my truths to the river

where the water meets the earth can help hold the complexities and contradictions of my truths


i can tap into and feel ancestral healing that has been known, lost, or forgotten... that healing is woven into my dna, my atoms, in my stardust.... my blood and bones


i am protected by my guides, ancestars, the universe, my angels, and i deserve healthy safe relationships


i am the reciprocal giver, receiver, exchanger of energy that i want to feel, that i want to know, and i can be in a healthy relationship with myself and others. i can and will change what i need to change to be that giver and receiver. 


i can be in nature and be totally in my nature


where i am at is where i am at and when i feel ready i can take one step at a time and check in with my body to see how that step is reverberating throughout my body and spirit


i can sense my intuition and grow to trust with my intuition like a tree grows roots, trunks, branches, leaves, and fruit, from a nourished seed. i can nourish my soil, take in water, starlight, and grow with my intuition


my pleasure can come from an abundance of sources, a plethora of experiences, a cornucopia of confluences.... my pleasure can be simple, supple, complex, clever, and exactly what it needs to be in the moments that i enjoy. i can share my pleasure with those that see and love me for all of me...including myself 


all of my senses deserve to have their time.... some of them together at times, some of them need space and patience, some need rest, some of them need intensity and vigor, some may not be common or have words, but they are all allowed to be what they need to be and to  tell me their stories of how they perceive and experience the worlds around me


i am not one thing

everything is connected

and i can tap in and connect to the true parts of the universe that is me

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