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16 Affirmations Instructions

pick an illustration poster from the front of the gallery

after reading instructions  pick an affirmation from the list of affirmations

let the affirmation rest in your spirit and body...

why is this illustration and affirmation for you...

repeat the affirmation while looking at the illustration

look at the parts of the illustration that repeat and repeat the affirmation with each part of the image

each moon…each sun…each hand…each heart

each seed…each drop…each flower

and listen

listen for what comes up in your heart, mind, and body as you sit with the illustrations and repeat the affirmations


Pause here and  only go further if you'd like to dive deeper 

after trying the first part of this practice

Further into your Root Truth

when you read an affirmation you may hear an inner voice speak a trooth.  Why put the word Root inside the word Truth? Because every truth is as complex as a root system, and every trooth leads deeper into your soil to connect to another trooth, or higher into your sky to connect to the leaves and fruits that are also your trooths.  If you sit with a trooth long enough you can sense where it lives in or just outside your body. You can listen to the stories the trooth tells, what narratives is it writing?


Further in your Root Truth via Poetry

when you read an affirmation you may hear an inner voice speak a trooth

you can sit with that trooth and feel where it lives in your body

you can explore that trooth and see the other trooths that are the foundation for that trooth

see what trooths are nourishing that trooth

and you can decide if that trooth is nourishing you

and decide if that trooth is still a foundation that you wish to continue growing from

or if the pathway of that trooth needs to stop controlling your growth and if it's time to intentionally grow your roots in a new direction

towards a different source of light and nourishment


here is the tree that you are

here is the soil that you are in

here are your roots being fed by that soil….soaking in the rain

here are your leaves growing towards the starlight

here are your flowers….turning slowly into fruits with seeds

here is your seed floating on the wind or dropping to the soil

here is your seedling growing familiar with the soil and sprouting a leaf

here you have choices

stay in this place and be this tree, grow to your fullest potential and connect to the other trees rooted with you here, rooting for you here

or hold the trooth that you are a seed, on the wind or in the fruit, ready to dig deep into new soil, and start over again… to become whole again. bathed in rain, awash in starlight, taking in the nourishment of the earth.


roots/ nerves/ veins

stars/ seeds/ same

a seed made of stardust sprouting to reach for the starlight it came from and is still a part of

flower/ fruit/ flame

soil/ earth/ space

a seed made of ancestars sprouting from the shadows of earth and space reaching for the light and darkness it came from and is still a part of

energy/ light/ vibrate

nature/ connection/ change

a seed made of energy rooted in the reality that everything is connected and vibrating in the abundance that is life as it changes its nature with every living expression

root system/ nervous system/ solar system/ galaxy/ …same

time/ space/ change

now lets explore the edges of these dimensions

reality/ beliefs/ safety 

existence/ identity/ death/





you are you own affirmation space

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